Nok View

History is all encompassing. It is dynamic and not has boring has it is perceived. Nok view is here to stimulate the dissemination and knowledge of history.


Hello everyone, i got some feed back on how to make my history blog more interesting,

I was told to first try and make it related with the happens around us. which i tried to incorporate in the post about American revolution

Secondly, i was informed that i seemed detached from work, which i have worked on

Also, i was told about my minor errors such as spelling and grammar, i am currently working on this through proof reading more than 3 times and with consistency i will be better.

lastly i was told to make my page colorful with pictures and all. this is the area i am lacking behind, this is because to get pictures i have to snap them and all which i hardly do because of my inability to travel and so i am stuck with goggle and Wikipedia so in the main time bear with me.

if you have any questions and contributions feel free to comment, NOK VIEW listens and cares about her readers.

Happy weekend you all.



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