Today’s post is dedicated to students all over the world. It seeks to address the topic Teamwork: is it inspiring or discriminating. To attempt this question, this post would limit it to the school environment, what is teamwork and school shall be defined, the forms of team work that is carried in schools and then if it inspiring or discriminating looking from the outstanding and non-outstanding student point of view. Also the racial perspective in teamwork, if it is inspiring or discriminating           .

It is important to note that team work is practiced everywhere in the world, from Africa to Asia, America, Europe, Antarctic. it is evident in places school and outside of school. it is present in different occupational practices and work place such as entrepreneurial business, banks, government facilities , religious organizations, sport organizations etc. this means that where there  is he presence of one human being there is a need for teamwork.

The definition of teamwork differs from different areas and practices of study, but the basic meaning is bringing a group of people together to work hand in hand to achieve a goal.  Teamwork according to Sage English Dictionary it is a cooperative work done by a team. A school has been defined as an educational institution facilities and students, where people get educated.

In a school academic setting teamwork involves merging both the brilliant, outstanding and less outstanding students to corporate together and achieves a certain assignment or goal giving.

In respect to this essay, university would be used as a case study because it encompasses people from different tribes, religion, grade, status, thinking or reasoning facility, occupation, faculty etc, in a university setting teamwork have been a major occurrence for student taking the from a of group work, group presentation and others.

Team work brings different calibre of people and thinking or reasoning facility to work together as a team for instance the outstanding students they would feel inspired to work as a team with the other outstanding or brilliant student because of the opportunity to gain more experience and have a chance to relate with the other students.

From the point of non-outstanding the idea of team work in school could be discriminating because for them to be paired with the outstanding and brilliant student might lead to unfair treatment on their part either by not giving them the chance to participate in the team because of the fear of failure.

Also from the racial and ethnic perspective, it is more discriminating than inspiring because if a racial  group is dominant in a team it tends to overshadow and overlook the less populated racial  group the major racial  group worldwide is the Negro racial  group, Caucasian racial  group, Caucasoid racial  group, Mongoloid racial  group or Black racial  group, White racial  group, Yellow racial  group.

This post is making use of this example but does not have any racial preference and does not  mean any harm. If a team of 10 comprises of 5 white racial  group, 3 blacks and 2 yellow racial  group, there is a high possibility that in that group, the more racial  group being the white with 5 students would directly or indirectly dominate the less dominated racial  group with 3 and 2 students. Thus the white would be inspired while the black and yellow racial group would be discriminated either because they would be looked down on or made to do all the work or the other way round.  This also applies to ethnic or religious group.

Another problem affecting the effectiveness  of teamwork relates to lack of participation and compliance between team mate or group members. this has undermined the effectiveness and importance of the work that needs to be carried out.

In conclusion, team work is it inspiring or discriminating in academic setting is a controversial issue because to some students it is inspiring, it tends to stimulate them to work hard as a team, while to others it is discriminating, because of the way they are treated or looked upon from the academic standing (non-outstanding student) religious, racial point of view. This essay thus concludes that teamwork in school is both inspiring and discriminating.

Feel free to share your experience we all in a way experience and practice teamwork. leave your comment.


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