As human beings with flesh and blood flowing through our veins, we have rights. This means that we as individuals have privileges that ranges from civil, legal or constitution, social rights and liberty. It has been noticed as individuals, we do not know about all these rights, which is not supposed to be so. Thus it is important for us to know because knowledge is power. This is the aim of today’s post. Know your right and help others know them too.

There are several rights that we as individuals must know, they are self-explanatory and will be listed below.

  • We have right to privacy
  • Right to have a family
  • Right to own property
  • Right to education
  • Right to work
  • Right to free speech
  • Right to be safe from violence
  • To believe and practice the religion a person wants
  • Equality of both male and female
  • The privilege of free trial
  • To be innocent until proven guilty, this means you cannot be jailed without prove
  • Rights to be a citizen of a country
  • To be recognised as a person
  • The right to expression
  • Right to vote
  • To seek asylum if a country treats you badly
  • We have rights to think freely
  • To peacefully protest( speak against a government or group)
  • Rights to health and medical care
  • Right to communicate through a language
  • Right not to be forced into marriage
  • The right to love
  • Right to express oneself
  • Right to democracy
  • Freedom of information

there are several other rights, so if you have a knowledge of them, please add on the comment section. help us Know our right and help others know them too.


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