Every Activities, Occupations and Endeavors have its amazing moment, something that catches the attention of people. This makes people from the outside (on lookers) interested in that activity, occupation and endeavors. This is what i call the appetizer feeling.

The appetizer feeling simply means  small portion that stimulates a desire for more. The appetizer  feeling relates with you having an interest in something without knowing what it entails. Not knowing the full gravity of endeavors. If it is good or bad, dangerous etc.The appetizer feeling only sees the success and amazing moments. Glorifying the activity, occupation and Endeavor.

It is time to come back to reality,  The appetizer feeling can be a mirage that is gotten from different sources due to different reasons. some reasons are positive while some are negative. A positive reason can be sincere interest while the negative reason is  lack of knowledge or greed.

only when you dig deep into the appetizer feeling that you find out no activity, endeavor or occupation is easy, there are dangers involved, complication, hardship, struggle that must be overcomed to be better.

Take a look a beautiful house, it came into being because of the hardship,work, time,danger etc Carpenters, Bricklayers, Painters, Electricians,  Plumbers (you can mention the remaining )went through.

look at the Lawyers, don’t they look attractive in their white and black? don’t get hanged on the appetizer. They worked for it, studied, prayed, read, failed, struggled etc. to achieve what they are  as Lawyers. other examples Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Actors, Actresses, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, CEOs etc worked to be in this position, to be called this names. The question that comes to mind is are you working to be in any of this positions?

The appetizer feeling can be good and bad, but it is more profitable if it is channeled for a good reason like wanting to be better in life. To be better in life involves stages, challenges, struggles, hardships, dangers etc. but as long as we persevere then

To summarize, the appetizer feeling is about success, and the interest it attracts which if channeled rightly, it would be profitable, but if channeled wrongly would lead to  living in mirage, staying stuck on other peoples achievement  amongst others.

As we walk through life, we would have the appetizer feeling, it is then our choice to channel it for greatness. Once channeled positively, things might become challenging, there would come a time when question would arise. Questions like can i make it? would i finish? would i be a success? when will i get there?. Don’t you worry, with hard work, perseverance, God and prayer, dedication and determination, your once appetizer feeling becomes reality.

The appetizer can be amazing but dangerous, it is your choice how you use it.

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