Mother’s day is not complete if NOK View does not post,  so here you have it :Mother’s day: A summary of women status  in development. End today by reading this piece dedicated to our mothers, sister’s,  nieces,  aunties,  Women in general and also every man,  boy that appreciate a woman.

So today is Mother’s day which has and still is celebrated almost everywhere in the world, if not everywhere. Now because of the importance of women, a post has being dedicated to Women.

Most times it is confusing which date is the women’s day. This should not be a problem because the idea behind the day is to celebrate not only Mothers but also Women that have some and all traits of women such as Love, Patience, Godliness ,virtious, selflessness , kindness , understanding, exemplary behavior etc.

Back to the dates, mothers day have several dates attached to the festive period, but the most recognized is the Catholic celebration, the 8th of March which is international women’s day and first and second Sundays of May this happens to be May14 this year (2017).which is celebrated in U.S.A and most countries. So don’t be confused with the dates and just celebrate mothers and women any time or opportunity you get.

The history of women’s day could be traced to campaigns held by Anna Jervis to make mother’s day a recognised holiday in the US,  which was rejected but  this later changed.  It was first celebrated by this woman in 1908,when she held a memorial for her mother.

Todays post is titled status of Women in development.Women, Mother’s from time immoral have being a consistent factor and presence in the continent, countries,nation, state, villages, socities and homes, because of this the status and development of women have changed over time. 

The status and development of women and mothers have changed an example of this is the earliest time in any society and  even in the present day developed countries, Women were relegated to the background, ostricized and were supporting roles. Women were known strictly for motherhood and domestic chores. Despite this known status, there was the selected few such as Queens and Queen mother, Kings concubine among others that were not totally relegated to the background. Recently women and mothers have become more independent and educated which has led to development in all ramifications. Women and mothers have began to  hold positions all around the world and making impact.

Women and mother’s have contributed so much to development in all area, first by training their children to be better this has led to the presence of great presidents both good and bad. As individual they have brought about development in all sectors ranging from economic,  cultural, political and educational sector.

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