Hello, everyone, this month is devoted to the Nigerian States I have visited and stayed for a certain period of time. The posts will discuss the different States history and what I had the opportunity to experience especially when I was traveling to the different Area. The only problem is that I am not really a traveler; anyways I hope to change that. I would also not be able to cover all the areas of the state visited because of the above problem stated above.


The  upcoming posts are dedicated to everyone far and wide, people who want to know about some states that they have not been opportune to visit and states that you as a person might have visited but do not know any  history about.

It is important to note that just a bit of Knowledge about certain history of something or somewhere can change how things are viewed. On this note I would look at Eight States and the areas I stayed or visited. Four states I passed through and a northern area of your choice as readers.

For the states I have visited and stayed for a certain period of time, I will look at first a history of the state and my experiences here, Fun, Education Transportation system etc. Benue State, Delta State , Edo State, Ekiti State, Lagos State, Osun State, Ogun State, Oyo State, Ondo State,

For States I passed through, just their history would be looked at because it was just a glance through like looking out from the window of the vehicle. These states are Kogi State, Enugu State, Imo State.

Looking at all the states listed above, it makes me sad that there is no Northern state named. This I would have to rectify that soon. I would use this as an opportunity to hear from my readers, so the floor is opened for you to suggest which northern state to discuss. The northern state that has the highest request would be what I will talk about.

So Tune in for an adventurous experience that would promises to be fun and educational.