The post in relation Revolutionary March is coming to an end.  The Revolution and Independence is all about the imperial reorganization and the colonial protest. This explains how Britain wanted to reorganize America through series of proclamation, duties and acts. This led to series of protest which in turn led to the Declaration of Independence which justified the independence of the United States. The Revolutionary war can be called the American Revolution. This was an armed conflict against Britain which started from 1775 and ended in 1783.

United States of America was victorious due to different reasons such as support and determination of the colonies and citizens  for the fight for freedom, military assistance of other nations such as France, Dutch. The colony had common socio-economic and political grievance towards the British. America also had moral support from state men such as Burke, Chatnam etc. America had the influence of scholars to back the revolution up, this scholars included John Locke, Rousseau etc.

Another reason why British lost the war was because Britain faced logistic problem such as the distance between Britain and America, and transportation of the troops and ammunition from Britain to America. Additionally Britain was already weakened by the several wars she had fought and was fighting when the American Revolution started.

Though the above, it can be said that what is now known as the United States of America came as a result of the need for freedom of external forces. This fostered a Patriotic unit which is still present in the 21st. this shows that a nation can grow if the citizens and government are determined to make the country. On this note, all counties and nation should learn from this.


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