With the introduction of Stamp Act which was the first direct Act, a new wave of displeasure emerged this led to the Stamp Act Congress.

In October 1765, the Stamp Act Congress comprise of delegates from nine colonists parliament to repeal the act. The then Prime Minister Greenville ignored the pleas of the colonists and ordered the tax to be implemented. This led to Resistance toward England

This Led to creation and growth of violent organisation such as the son of liberty, in which they staged roots and vandalized the homes of the stamp distributors. It was said that the mobs threatened the safety of the Stamp agents and their families and intimidated them into resigning because there were no stamp distributors left in the colonies to sell the stamps.

Many American formed   the non –importation pacts that the drastically out the amount of goods purchase from England. British merchants, manufacturers and shippers suffered from the reduced trade and pressured parliament into repealing the Stamp Acts. The colonies lifted boycott on British goods and celebrate their victory against the crown their jubilation however was short lived because of the Declaration Act.


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