I am sure you are wondering why was the British introducing so much Acts, I have discussed this is the post of revolutionary March and subsequent post before this, but to remind us why.

There was so many reasons for the Introduction of taxes but a reason for is that Britain after the Indian and French War ended up been financially, military, economically weak etc. and For Britain to regain her strength in all ramifications, she carried out some imperial re-organisation and introduction of taxes and duties which led to several colonial protests.

Currency act was just another move in the chess board. The Currency act was passed in the year 1765 banning the colonies from assessing paper bills of credits because of the belief that the colonial currency has developed British money. This measure added to serious burden to the colonial economy and provokes great resistance among the colonists.

Furthermore in order to continue to support the British soldiers that were left in America after the war, Great Britain passed the Quartering act in 1765, this ordered colonists to house and feed British Soldiers if there was not enough room in the barracks. Thus the inadequate funds among other challenges led to the enactment of Stamp act .


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