Royal Proclamation, what does it mean?

What role did it play that angered the colonist and brought about oppositions.

And how did this opposition lead to new financial policy.

All this is what todays post will aim to answer.

After the French and Indian war, there was need to accommodate the interest of the newly conquered and annexed French and Indian inhabitants and also to prevent fresh conflicts between the French, Indians and American colonies.

In order to do the above Britain attempted to restrict the movement of Americas and any west ward expansion of the 12 colonies. This restriction was carried out through the \royal Proclamation of 1763.

In other words the Royal proclamation of 1763, prohibited the movement of the white settlements, west of the Appalachian mountains. This policy angered the colonists who saw it as infringement on their right to occupy and settle western lands. This policy led to several oppositions.

The popular saying that goes thus “one thing leads to another”  with the intermittent opposition, the British government introduced  new financial policy to raise revenue. Some people belief that the Taxes,Duties where created to take away attention from the royal proclamation.



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