In the last post, I mentioned about how Britain having gone through with the Indian and French War ended up been financially, military, economically weak etc. For Britain to regain her strength in all ramifications, she carried out some imperial re-organization and introduction of taxes and duties which led to several colonial protests.

A popular way in which colonial government get finances from their colonies especially when their finance is low, is through extravagant taxes and imperial re-organization. This method has been seen in both Ancient and present time like when the British during colonial rule introduced Taxes in Nigeria which led to series of riot and revolts. Well America also faced this from the British in which the British started imperial re-organization and thus introduced different taxes.

The organization of the interior by Britain by Britain after the French and Indian war was done through the Royal Proclamation of 1763/64 and other acts to generate revenue such as sugar Act, Currency Act, Quatering Act in 1765 followed by Mutiny and Stamp Act, Townsend Acts in 1767, Tea Act 1773, Intolerable Act, thus leading to different colonial protest.

Don’t get confused by the dates and event you have just read, in the next write up, I will cover all each of the taxes or Acts. So simply put in your mind that the British Imperial re-organization of  America  was to organize the interior after the Indian and French War, and it was done through the Royal Proclamation of 1764 and other acts to generate revenue.

So Look forward to the next Post about the Royal Proclamation of 1763.


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