Looking around me, I have noticed that to create or repair something, things have to be destroyed either forcefully or peacefully. For example to create a road,  there are processes involved which often begins with the removal of earth and rock by digging or blasting, construction of embankments and removal of vegetation (this may involve deforestation) followed by the laying of pavement material such as Asphalt concrete which is that black stuff we see all the time on the road. While to repair an old road like Lagos Ibadan express way, the road has to be destroyed by force for the creation process to begin again.

Well the above illustration can be used to depict the American struggle for independence from the British. The struggle did not begin and end in one day; it was in stages which I will cover one by one.

I will start with saying like how Britain, France, Spain etc found Africa through voyages of discovery that was how The Americas was also found. The reason why I called it the Americas is because it includes both North and South America. Anyway after several years of British Rule in North America, an important event happened which was the French and Indian wars, this weakened the British financially, military among others. To become stronger, Britain introduced imperial reorganization and this led to her colonies revolting for freedom. You know there is so much anybody, state or country can take before fighting back.

In the upcoming post, I will discuss the several imperial reorganizations that took place which provoked the Americans to fight for their freedom.


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Picture of the road gotten from Google

my knowledge of Road creation and road repair gotten from Wikipedia