RAINSo I woke up to a beautiful cold morning that was ushered in by last night rain. That was when it occurred to me that despite this seeming peace, there was a time when Chaos, war and revolution among others was the other of the day. I am not saying that there is no chaos, revolution and war, truth be told there is like war against terrorism, Chaos in Iraq etc but i am just grateful that I can wake up to such peace .

On this note I have chosen a theme for The Month of March which is Epic events in the American Revolutions. The reason why I chose this theme is because i want to show more light that America like Other countries, both African, Asian, South American countries have fought for freedom from colonial masters and today America is striving despite been faced with fighting terrorism, chaos etc. some of which they have won to their favor and some of which is hidden to the public that they lost.