FYI Third World and First World is used interchangeable with underdeveloped and developed

The Third world has visible characteristics that have plagued every continent and country categorized in it. To make it simple  to understand, some  of the characteristics of the third world such as poverty, political instability, terrorism, spread of infectious disease (Ebola) is evident in the Global problems, that is why the topic Third World characteristics  Clashes with the Global Problems was created

 Third world as already been explained in the previous blog post, so global problems will be explained, the explanation lies in the name, problems that ravage the whole world,  a nuisance to the whole world.

There are various characteristics or features of underdeveloped countries. One of these features is the lack of industrialization. Meaning that most countries under the Third world are not industrialized, they lack functioning steel industries among others.

Most of the Third World counties after the attainment of independence could not and still cannot feed their teeming population despite the fact that they are called agricultural countries. e.g Nigeria whereby the price of food is so expensive.

Another characteristic of a Third World country is that the majority of the people in the country are poor. Most of them cannot afford three square meals a day. The life expectancy in such a place is very low. According to Walter Rodney (1970), he compared the developed and underdeveloped African countries with that of Europe. He said that “for every 1000 children born alive in rural of Sierra Leone, 160 died before reaching one year”.

In addition, other characteristics include political instability, Low level of living, Low level of productivity, High rates of population growth and dependency burden, High and rising level of unemployment and underemployment, Significant dependence on agriculture production and primary product experts, Dominance dependence and vulnerability in international relation., Non- Democratic nation (minimum evidence  free election)

Most of the world’s population lives in the global south(Third world ) while 6-10 percent of the world’s population live in the “First world” countries leading to global conflict between the rich and the poor, the developed and underdeveloped.

Additionally due to the large gap between the developed and  underdeveloped counties there has been high record of loans collected from the first world which has led to massive international debt of this poor third world countries to the first world lending institutions such as IMF, World Bank.

More so, the world, majorly the Third world countries have been plague by social and economic chaos, exploitation by the first world countries and corporation has led to poverty, misery for example due to the lax laws in the Third world country, First world countries and corporation have no care to the lives or the region e.g the oil company like Shell have been known for oil spillage in their different locations in the third world.

Furthermore, a global problem that have plagued the third world and the world has a whole is the human right abuses. This is an issue because there have been record of human right been breached this is seen when political leaders commit murders, carry out tortures on civilians, massacre citizens and several forms of brutalities etc

In addition, ethnic, religious, political intolerance, wars, exodus of refugees have happened partly because of the way the government and dictators maltreat and oppress the people, going against human right and thus has led to uprising. especially

Another global problem is the failure of institutions of governance, this has been a problem in the third world and the world as a whole because the government have in a way failed to create a means for safeguarding democracy, a means for educating the people to live with social responsibility, also, the Government majorly in the third world have failed to tackle the issue of cultural diversity which has led to a lot problem in the world.

A major global problem which affects both the first world and the third world is the absence of global regulation or planning regarding the future. This means that because of the global competitions between nations and huge corporation for resources, ascendancy, military advantage, profits and cheap labor has led to this nations avoiding environmental regulation, systematic and economic domination of the Third world by the First World which has led to an unsustainable world.

Also, it is recorded by scholars that the First World dominates the United Nation and influences it and most time than not would only attend to issues that promote the First World economies and this has made the United Nations impotent to address a lot of crises or global problem that affect the Third world which does not affect the First world countries directly except there is a gain there.  The result of this is an utterly unsustainable world, heading toward ever greater cataclysms and disasters, unable to solve any of the global crises and living at the expenses of the future generations

From the above it can be seen that indeed the Third World characteristics Clashes with the Global Problems. Here are some of the   several a list of some major global problems that plague Third world Country have been  Armed Conflict, Spread of Infectious disease, Proliferation of Nuclear Arms,  Increasing population, Terrorism, Climate change ,Poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water.


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