YORUBA.jpgFrom the bastions of Islam in the Middle East

To the receptive liberal nation of Nigeria,

The west’s cultural values in terms of music, fashion (dressing) language e.t.c

Have cast a spell on the rest of the world


The above quote denotes that the bastions (stronghold) of Islam brought about ideas and change upon the nation Nigeria not only that, the West’s cultural values in terms of music, fashion (dressing) language, cultural practices have cast a spell on the world including Yoruba culture, but notwithstanding Yoruba culture have struggled to survive.

The Word “Yoruba” originated as a Hausa term for a people of Oyo in the Western part of the modern country of Nigeria. The Yoruba people represent a major language group in majorly the South West of Nigeria.

The origin of the Yoruba’s says that the sky god Olorun sent Oduduwa the founder of the Yoruba down to earth to the city of Ife which is called Ile-Ife which means The place where heaven came to earth.

Also, the period from the 16th to the l9th century was characterized by the forceful transportation of Yoruba’s in Africa from their original homeland to Diaspora and when this happened, the Yoruba’s tried to preserve their culture through institution, religious route

The late 19th century involved movement of fresh slaves and recaptives following the abolition of slave trade. Those that came from Brazil and other parts partly introduced foreign religions such as Islam and Christianity etc. It could be seen that not all black face slave returned to their fatherland, and those who stay practice alive and the Yoruba culture became more globalized (language) religion, dressing, occupation, dancing style (bata) festivals etc.

Yoruba culture have been preserved and integrated into the globalized world through customary feast, Yoruba cuisine practice, cult group and majority syncretism and this Yoruba culture and this can be seen in societies such as Brazil, Trinidad, USA. Libya, Jamaica, Europe, etc. although it has been faced by some challenges such foreign cultural denomination and cultural practices etc.

I apologize for my poor referencing style

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